Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH is the world market leader for scientific measurement tools to objectively quantify a complete range of parameters (sebum, moisture, pH, TEWL, elasticity, melanin, colour, roughness, gloss, lines and wrinkles and others) on the skin. The instruments are standard in dermatology and cosmetology and are used for efficacy testing and claim support as well as basic research. 

The Multiprobe Adapter System MPA is modular and can therefore be configurated according to the required measurement parameters. The versatile software MPA CTplus makes it easy to create a full study and handle all measurement data.

The imaging systems give information on the topography of the skin: The Visioscan® VC 20plus evaluates lines and wrinkles, the MoistureMap MM 200 shows the moisture distribution over the stratum corneum and the Visioface® RD allows high resolution full face photography. Other instruments evaluate pores, dandruff on the scalp or the skin behaviour during suction.

For the growing field of in-vitro measurements the Tewitro® TW 24 is a valuable tool to measure the water evaporation from cultured tissue sets (wells in a plate with medium) in up to 24 wells simultaneously with the worldwide most used open chamber measurement
of the Tewameter®.

A completely new approach for investigation of skin properties in connection with applied substances leads to the development of the Drop Angle Meter DM 300. The analysis of the shape of a drop applied to the skin (or other materials) gives a value for the wettability. This information can be used for testing the effect of products on the skin or the water repellence of substances. 

The SPF Skin Scan HDRS 290 is another future innovative development. It allows quick and painless in-vivo SPF testing being based on LED Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy.