Independent French company, SILAB is recognised worldwide as a specialist of biological active ingredient engineering for the cosmetic industry.

Stemming from naturally-sourced raw materials, SILAB selects and concentrates the best of Nature through non-denaturing advanced technologies of extraction and purification.
Our research laboratories and production units feature all the equipment and talent required to generate a constant innovation and to address the major orientations of modern cosmetology with high quality, efficacy-proven and easy to formulate active ingredients compliant with international cosmetic regulations.

SILAB launches several eco-friendly, continually safe and patented active molecules each year to form a comprehensive range of ingredients covering all areas of skin care, sun care and hair care.
True to our strategic path based on Excellence, our main goal is to pursue and strengthen the service devoted to our clients and our committed teams, in the respect of SILAB’s dedication to corporate citizenship and social responsibility.