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Invitation to present at The 2022 IFSCC Congress

We invite all interested parties to share their latest cosmetic related research at the IFSCC Congress 2022 being organised by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in London. This event will be the premier showcase for scientists working in the field, both in cutting edge fundamental and applied research fields. 

The IFSCC has traditionally offered an international scientific Congress in even years and a Conference in the other years. 

The aims of the Congress are:

  1. To provide a forum for presentation of high-quality research of a scientific and technical nature 
  2. To promote educational activities via workshops and networking events. 

The Congress brings together established thought leaders in the field of cosmetic science as well as early career cosmetic scientists and students. Experts at the 2022 London will deliver keynote lectures on major themes concerning the profession and facilitate opportunities for colleagues worldwide to attend and present their work. 

Authors will be required to submit an abstract of their paper via the website. Detailed instructions regarding formatting of abstracts, submission and acceptance deadlines will be published on the website shortly with submission opening mid 2021. Abstracts are selected via blind review by the IFSCC Congress 2022 Scientific Committee. Once an abstract is accepted, the lead author will be informed, and instructions given on full manuscript submission. 

Please note, all presented materials should be non-promotional and use INCI or chemical names. The use of any commercial or trade names is not permitted. The use of equipment trade names is permissible, unless the intention of the presentation is to promote the use of said equipment.


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