A series of four educational workshops will run throughout the opening day of IFSCC 2022.  Taking place in Central Hall Westminster, the workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about four important topics in an interactive environment ahead of the Congress Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception on Monday evening.

You will be able to meet your hosts and network with the speakers in beautiful Central Hall Westminster, whose distinctive dome, overlooking Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, can be spotted from across central London. This Grade II listed building was opened in 1912, as a centenary monument to Methodist founder John Wesley and was regarded was as an engineering marvel in its time. It has a special significance in the history of the UN having hosted the first ever meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in 1946.

The Educational Workshop series is hosted by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

“Today’s consumer is faced with an array of cosmetic and personal care products to deliver benefits that range from cleaning, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, keeping in good condition, protecting to changing its appearance. In these workshops experts from industry, academia and organisations to share their expertise, highlight their recent activities and initiatives and answer any questions in a fully interactive and relaxed environment that provides an excellent networking and information gathering opportunity for all delegates. This comprehensive educational programme is put together with the workshop leaders and colleagues Dr Emma Meredith, Dr Isabelle Castiel, Kirsty Mawhinney, Marianne Martin, Mohammed Jamal, Sallie Berkerey, and Sam Farmer; and the IFSCC Steering Committee members Judi Beerling, Dr Tony Gough, Linda Harman and myself. These workshops will bring together a powerful group of experts and we look forward to welcoming all delegates”  

Dr Mustafa Varçin, Chair of Pre-Congress Educational Workshops Committee 

Science and innovation are both vital ingredients in the cosmetic industry.  This workshop is a must-attend for those seeking to understand the science behind cosmetics and identify misinformation on the safety of widely-used cosmetic ingredients and products.  Discover the key steps to develop a successful and legally compliant product from internationally recognised experts who will explain how cosmetic and personal care products are created to meet the most demanding quality, efficacy and safety standards.  

The cosmetics industry’s highest priority is to provide safe products that cause no harm to the consumer and that are legally compliant with different regulatory frameworks around the world. This workshop brings experts together to explain necessary compliance in the European Union, United Kingdom and China.  Sessions will cover the European Green Deal; Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability; Cosmetic Product Regulation; and REACH, as well as an introduction to the UK eco-system and animal testing bans and China’s Cosmetic Supervisory and Administration Regulation. Case studies will illustrate the application of regulatory requirements. 

Photo protection is a major health issue. 90% of skin cancers are directly linked to sun exposure. Sunscreens are used extensively in cosmetic products and their use has increased because of concerns about the impact of ultraviolet light on human skin. This workshop will explore the importance of sun protection, the major types of UV radiation and their impact on human skin at cellular, molecular, and biological level  and discuss the complexity and  formulation challenges of a solar products.  Attendees will gain insight into the evaluation methods and  most recent research activities  that  ensure environmental safety of this specific category including for aquatic and marine life. Finally,  speakers  will discuss how solar product efficacy is assessed with guidelines and controls set up to ensure the perfect protection of the consumer toward solar exposure.

Fragrance is a key emotional driver of cosmetic product sales. In this workshop, our panel of expert speakers will demonstrate how the ingredients used, the creative process and relationship with both brands and consumers are influenced by emerging social, environmental and societal trends. Attendees will gain insights into how fragrance retains its role in connecting people to products, through both advances in the science and its influence on mood, whilst respecting the new era of sustainability. It will explore the future for fragrance in a world that is more sensory aware, as well as allow attendees to experience a dive into the olfactive character and trends behind some recent fine fragrance launches in an ever-evolving retail landscape. Expect your noses to be in for an olfactive treat!

You can chose to attend a single workshop or select one from the morning session and a second in the afternoon. Refreshments breaks are included.  IFSCC 2022 registered delegates will be able to collect their Registration Badges and bags from a desk in Central Hall Westminster.  
The Opening Ceremony takes place in the Grand Hall from 6.00pm
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