TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
09.00amKeynoteProf Rachel WatsonUniversity of ManchesterChronic photodamage and its repair: What evidence is there that topical anti-ageing cosmetics remodel skin?UK
09.30am1Jinwoong KimSungkyunkwan UniversityUnprecedented skin regeneration of Euglena gracilis-derived extracellular microvesicles fabricated through microalgae extrusionSouth Korea
09.50am2Tsang-Min HuangL’Oreal R&IOne-step long-lasting color/shine lip gloss via liquid-liquid phase separationUSA
10.10am3Cyril MessaraaOriflameDefining Skin Glow: Global Consumer Insights and Clinical Testing InterpretationIreland
10.30am4Christopher BerkeyStanford UniversityExploiting Ingredient Interactions to Deliver Optimal Performance of Skin-Care FormulationsUSA
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
11.20am5Jun Bae LeeCOSMAXEnhancement of skin efficacy and barrier function by skin lipid enhancer incorporated-Lipid Nano Particles through the interaction with stratum corneumSouth Korea
11.40am6Daigo InoueShiseido Co.A new horizon for age spots: An integrated mechanism and solution for age spots through cell-cell contact molecule E-cadherinJapan
12.00pm7Valerie Bicard-BenhamouMerck KGaAA promising alternative to retinol as powerful anti-aging cosmetic ingredientGermany
12.20pm8Colin McGuckinCTIBiotechLinking clinical vascular dark circles reduction to laboratory in vitro modelization can be achieved using vascularized 3D Bioprinted skin models.France
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
14.00pmKeynoteDr Tomonobu EzureShiseido Co.A new horizon in anti-aging skin careJapan
14.30pm9Audrey Faure-GroussonErborian (L’Occitane Group)Capsaicin-free red pepper extract for energized, radiant and non-irritated skinFrance
14.50pm10Frédéric FlamentL’Oreal R&IEnlarged photoprotection efficiently covering the whole UV spectrum: evaluation of long term clinical anti-aging benefits in a real life split-face studyBrazil
15.10pm11Torsten FauthBRAIN BiotechImproving the skin barrier by targeting the TRPV4 ion channel with bioactive compoundsGermany
15.30pm12Julie LeignadierIFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Transformation of visible light: a new perspective for skin care applicationFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
16.20pm13Franck BonnierLVMH RechercheLine-field confocal optical coherence tomography coupled to Artificial Intelligence to identify quantitative biomarkers of facial skin ageing: an exploratory studyFrance
16.40pm14Tümerkan M KesimEskişehir Technical UniversityUnderstanding the effects of particle size and anisotropy on microstructural and rheological properties of suspoemulsionsTurkey
17.00pm15Lauriane Roux-ImbertGreentechHow to take care of the window of our soul? Gentiopicroside-rich Gentiana lutea extract: an integrative solution for the eye contourFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
09.00am16Hye-Young YooKolmar KoreaComparison of scalp microbiome according to the severity of androgenic alopecia and gender in a Korean cohortSouth Korea
09.20am17Aïna QueirozSeqens CosmeticsNew findings about the impact of exposome on skin microbiomeFrance
09.40am18Paul LawrenceBiocogentRevolutionizing Modern Skin Care with an Old Technology: Phage Therapy in the Age of the Skin MicrobiomeUSA
10.00am19Nico ForrazoCTIBiotechWorld’s first human ex-vivo acne sebaceous gland model colonized with virulent phylotype of C. acnesFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
10.50amKeynoteDr Magali MoreauL’Oreal R&IHarnessing skin microbiome intelligence for healthy looking skinUSA
11.20am20Lionel MunigliaBiolieValorization of fruits and vegetables coproducts to produce natural organic active waters for cosmetic formulationFrance
11.40am21Sabrina Leoty-okombiBASF Beauty Care SolutionsFirst-time use of a droplet-based microfluidic method to highlight specificities of microbiote communities from sensitive skinFrance
12.00pm22Patrick GonryGobioticsThe skin microbiota and stressful circumstancesNetherlands
12.20pm23Richard LerouxSedermaA new pentapeptide improves skin surface damages on face induced by Cutibacterium acnes activity.France
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
14.10pm24Jennifer MarshProctor & GambleUsing solid-state 1H NMR relaxation methods to quantify small molecule interactions and damage in hairUSA
14.30pm25Yasunori OkumaARIMINO Co.Simultaneous 3D visualization of hair microstructure and damage using
14.50pm26Cindy DelvalléDowThe effects of cationic/hydrophobic-modified hydroxyethyl cellulose polymers on heat-styling damageBelgium
15.10pm27Noriyuki TanjiKao CorpEnhancing the penetration of ingredients into hair fibers using carbonated waterJapan
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
16.10pmKeynoteProf.em Franz-Josef WortmannUniversity of ManchesterHair Testing: Opportunities & Challenges – A Personal ViewUnited Kingdom
16.40pm28Brittany PeaseInolexEnhancing the conditioning performance of cationic amino lipids by formulating for optimized lamellar gel networksUSA
17.00pm29Sylvie Marull-TufeuYves RocherVisualization and quantification of an active ingredient in hair fibers: an example with the penetration of Coconut oilFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
09.00amKeynoteBaroness Susan GreenfieldNeuro-Bio LtdSkin and Brain: the closest of connectionsUK
09.30am30Gusang KwonAmorepacific R&I CenterThe Legilimens! A scientific spell using neuroscience to read your mind: real-time emotion estimation application and its implications in the cosmetic industrySouth Korea
09.50am31Reinhold DauskardtStanford UniversityEngineering Cosmetics to Combat Skin Stress and Promote Skin ComfortUSA
10.10am32Pedro Contreiras PintoPhDTrialsThe skin as a recipient of environmental influences for the emotional state: The new concept of EmossomePortugal
10.30am33Sébastien CadauBASF Beauty Care Solutions3D-innervated epidermis grown on microfluidic chipFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
11.20am34Celine Carrasco-DourouxSymriseStress-relieving aromatic scents for covid-19 mask: analysis of the brain’s response to reduce the stress, to improve wellbeing and energy via the contribution of neuroscienceFrance
11.40am35Hugo FerreiraUniversity of LisbonEEG-based functional connectivity and physiological correlates of emotion in fragrance exposurePortugal
12.00pm36Monique Alves Frazon CantuGrupo BoticárioThe Sounds of Freshness: soundtracks that crossmodally correspond with sensations associated to olfactory freshnessBrazil
12.20pm37Annalisa TitoArterra BioscienceInnovative 3D skin and plant model to effectively monitor Piezo1 and Piezo2 driven mechano-transductionItaly
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
14.00pmKeynoteProf Charles SpenceUniversity of OxfordNeuroscience-Inspired Multisensory Design in the Cosmetics SectorUK
14.30pm38Jun Dong ParkSookmyung Women’s UniversityEstablishing predictive model for the spreadability of cosmetic formulations by Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) and machine learningSouth Korea
14.50pm39Ryo KakimotoKOSÉ CorpDiscovery of global common denominators of skin reflectance that enhance attractive impressions -Paradigm shift in benefits of foundations to bring out individual beautyJapan
15.10pm40Karine DesseilleCrodaBridging consumer and technical sensory perspective on characterization of skin care productsFrance
15.30pm41Juliette RengotNewtone TechnologiesDigital photographic grading tool for online visual skin evaluation on imagesFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper TitleCountry
16.20pm42Charlotte DallayUniversité Le Havre NormandieFormulation of lamellar phases using a natural surfactant to understand the effects of fragrance on cosmetic emulsions: from microstructure to sensory perceptionFrance
16.40pm43Harshita KumariUniversity of CincinnatiImpact of model 7-perfume molecule accord on the self-assembly of branched mixed-surfactant system as a function of dilution and dipropylene glycol: A neutron scattering studyUSA
17.00pm44Marie JaricotUniversité Le Havre NormandieTowards odorless cosmetic ingredients: determination of fatty esters odor originFrance
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper titleCountry
09.00am45Elias Bou SamraL’Oreal R&IDecoding epidermis reconstruction through time-course multi-omics dataFrance
09.20am46Florence FlorenceRohto Pharmaceutical CoTapping into our blood: Age-gender associated protein in human blood plasma and its potential relevance in skin agingJapan
09.40am47Celine LaperdrixCodifApplication of metabolomics for cosmeticsFrance
10.00am48Shodai TanakaKao Corp.Biological age reveals personal skin aging variations – An innovative skin aging index based on non-invasive internal skin RNA expressionJapan
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper titleCountry
10.50amKeynoteProf Mark Birch-MachinNewcastle UniversityBioenergy and stressed out skin, what can we do to help?UK
11.20am49Martin BaraibarOxiProteomicsTargeted proteomics assessing skin proteome carbonylation as a reliable biomarker for dermo-cosmetics age management efficacy studiesFrance
11.40am50Elisa CaviolaVitroScreenVascularized Dermopapilla 3D scaffold free Spheroids: an advanced micro-physiological system for hair growth researchItaly
12.00pm51Carine Jacques-JaminPierre Fabre Dermo-cosmétiqueMulti-omic analysis to evaluate solar exposure impact on skin ecosystem and a new SPF50+ photoprotective systemFrance
12.20pm52Zheng ZhouMageline Biotechnology CoSkin-improving function of disaccharide polysulfate, with increased effects on epidermal moisturizing and dermal elastic factors, and decreased effects on pigmentation factorsChina
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper titleCountry
14.10pm53Risa IguchiMatsumoto Trading CoImaging skin-penetration dynamics of caffeine under various conditions by using a high-resolution non-invasive analytical methodJapan
14.30pm54Milica StevicUAL, London College of FashionInstrumental Assessment of the Effectiveness of Silicone Replacement Materials in Lip BalmsUK
14.50pm55Tomonori MotokawaPOLA Chemical IndustriesIntersection of cosmetic technology and wellness -Utilizing skin research techniques for stress managementJapan
15.10pm56Gunja SpringmannProderm GmbHAging Collagen in the Human Papillary Dermis: Comparison of Non Invasive in vivo MethodsGermany
TimeLecture #SpeakerOrganisationPaper titleCountry
16.10pmKeynoteProf Desmond TobinUniversity College Dublin School of MedicineWhy is the regulation of human skin colour still so perplexing – recent insights from the labIreland
16.40pm57Núria MarimonKao Chemicals EuropeAchieving optimum viscosity on challenging surfactant compositions by understanding the thickening mechanismSpain
17.00pm58Grace CunninghamUniversity of BirminghamUse of 3D printed rheometer geometries for improved scale-up of lamellar structured liquidsUK
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
09.00am59Hanane ChajraClariant Active ingredientsA plant extract enriched in esterified decaffeoylquinic reveals high potency to mitigated vascular dark circlesFrance
09.20am60Stefan HettwerRahn AGA multi-sensorial active ingredient to reduce stress and improve skin conditionSwitzerland
09.40am61Nathan HordyAnomeraA sustainable and functional alternative to microplastics in cosmetic applicationsCanada
10.00am62Jun Pil HwangCosmeccaThe Novel Inorganic Pigments for Even Skin Tone, Water-resistance and SPF EnhancementSouth Korea
10.20amKeynoteTony O’LenickNascent TechnologiesNaturally Derived Polymers for Cosmetic Formulations – A Future PerspectiveUSA
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
11.20am63Natascia GrimaldiInfinitec Activos (Evonik)Facing the future of cosmetics: the first mitochondria-targeted delivery system for antiaging treatmentsSpain
11.40am64Ye ChenLubrizol Southeast AsiaIntelligent biopolymer-based Formulations strategies for emulsifier-free sunscreen productsSingapore
12.00pm65Junya HiyoshiShiseido Co LtdInnovative formulation technology – Development of a new α-gel emulsification method that provides increased comfort and wrinkle reduction capabilitiesJapan
12.20pm66Paul SaporitoCroda IncWOWing the market with a PEG free option: A novel water-in-oil-in-water emulsifierUSA
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
14.00pm67Emilie MunnierUniversité de ToursImpact of natural deep eutectic solvents-based microalgae extracts on the stability and properties of skincare productsFrance
14.30pm68Isabelle Hansenne-CervantesModern MeadowPotential of bio-collagen in dermatology and in cosmeticsUSA
14.50pm69Teruaki MoriDaito Kasei KogyoThe approach for SDGs based on cultivation of Suizenji-nori, as a raw material of the ingredient, Sacran, for cosmeticsJapan
15.10pm70Gaetano DistefanoIntercos S.p.AThe blossoming of glossy new raw materials for cosmetic use: a new family of Bio-based polyurethanes for anhydrous formulationsItaly
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
16.10pmPlenary Closing Keynote SpeakerSir Jonathan PorrittForum for the FutureCosmetics 2030: Securing its Social Licence to OperateUK
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
09.00am71Eunbi KoAmorepacific R&IDevelopment of Diagnostic Algorithm Based on Individual Skin Properties, Life Style and Genetic Data for Personalized SolutionSouth Korea
09.20am72Masugu HamaguchiFujisawaArtificial intelligence model for the prediction of cleansing foam formulations with excellent make-up removability – Is an “in silico formulator” superior to a human formulator?Japan
09.40amKeynoteProf.em Robert LochheadRobert Lochhead ConsultingCosmetics at the Intersection of Global Interconnectivity and SustainabilityUSA
10.10am73Joana MartoUniversity of LisbonTowards the personalization of 3D printed patches for cosmetic applicationsPortugal
10.30am74Toshihiro AraiPOLA Chemical IndustriesAI-driven formulator skill augmentation – Co-formulation of Human and AI for cosmetic developmentJapan
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
11.20am75Jerry YuPersonal Care RegulatoryHeavy metal content in cosmetic products: a comparative review on permissible level in global regulatory requirements and available analytical testsUK
11.40am76Kathy PlotzkDow SiliconesSilicone environmental impact: from its origin to its fateBelgium
12.00pm77Julia BaumannMibelle Group BiochemistryDiabetic skin: New cosmetic treatments with a Ca2+ double cone vector systemSwitzerland
TimeLecture #SpeakerCompanyPaper TitleCountry
16.20pmPlenary Closing Keynote SpeakerSir Jonathan PorrittForum for the FutureCosmetics 2030: Securing its Social Licence to OperateUK

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