Abstracts must be submitted in English, with a maximum length of 700 words. Each abstract should describe original scientific work, so must not have been presented or published previously. Abstracts must include an introduction, staging the purpose or aim of the paper, and a paragraph on each of the following: methods used, results obtained, discussion and conclusion, showing the contribution to the knowledge in the field. Tables and graphs cannot be included. Three to five keywords should be submitted for each abstract to aid the review process.

An abstract can be modified after submission, until the closing deadline of 31 January 2022.

Authors of accepted abstracts must submit the full paper by the requested deadline, which will be announced later. The manuscript should not exceed 5,000 words and can include illustrations, charts and tables.

Each author whose paper is accepted is required to sign the basic copyright statement for both the abstract and full paper. Authors should use INCI names and avoid the use of any commercial or chemical trade names. The mentioning of equipment trade names is acceptable, unless the intention of the presentation is to promote the use of said equipment.

Posters will be presented in electronic format only.

Further details of the technical requirements for posters will be available in the abstract system portal in due course.

The author who will be presenting an accepted podium or poster presentation must register for the Congress. Where more than one author intend to co-present, all must register. If the author fails to register by the requested deadline, the abstract / poster / podium presentation will be removed from the final programme.

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