Mineed Technology platform utilizes the Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedle Technology (DDMNs) to transport any desired drugs, or active ingredients, effectively into the skin.

With advanced engineering at Mineed Technology, our platform is able to solve all the drawbacks, existing in any dissolving and solid microneedles. Our Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles offers a quick (2-min) detachment of needles from its base, allowing the needles to be fully embedded into the skin with the least time requirement. Then, the loaded drugs, biologics, or any active ingredients, can be effectively delivered into skin tissue within 2-min via the detaching and embedding microneedles. The fast needle detachment simply means 2-min of an skin opening, resulting in the immediate resealing of the skin surface after the DDMNs administration, minimizing skin irritation and no skin damage after use. Also, the needle detachment allows for the drug to be completely and accurately delivered into skin tissue, with a controllable rate of dissolving.

As a result, this technology can be applied into vast healthcare applications, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vaccine, medical devices, and even diagnostic sector. With ongoing collaborations and interests, we have successfully introduced several cosmetic products, via the DDMNs technology, for specialize treatment such as wrinkle filling patch, acne healing patch, dark spot minimizer, under-eye care, or even anti-itching patch, to instantly treat any itching symptom. If this technology got your interest, we are an OEM manufacturer, who able to provide any clients with research and development processes for any require aesthetic treatments.